Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That look

My child took this picture yesterday. I wouldn't say that it my most favorite picture of me ever but I kinda like it none the less cause its just so me. My toe is doing well I am still walking funny on it but the swelling has gone down now it just a nice shade of purple. I should take a picture but I am feeling lazy right now.

Dan is out of town in Seattle so the last few days it just been me and the boy. We have been doing well. Tonight we are watching Myth Busters without daddy which is out of our norm. That's out show that we watch as a family.

Today I got my New York Pass in the mail. Still haven't figured out if we are going to DC or not. I am pretty sure we are just not sure if it will be for the day or two. I am getting pretty excited though :)

1 comment:

Pia said...

Oh, of course we're going to D.C.! it's gonna be great... I don't know about one day or two days though. I don't really know what my schedule will look like. Gonna try to figure it out soon though...

Happy to hear your foot is doing better!

Lots of love for you and your toe! :)