Saturday, May 09, 2009


And the week started off so well...

This week has turned into a rotten one. On Tuesday night I woke up with what felt like a stomach flu or food poisoning. So kind of short lived stomach bug. Felt better but then on Thursday night had a sore throat and what turned out to be a cold. And THEN! Today I am feeling better from my cold and walking down stairs and fell one leg went forward and one went behind me. Like I was doing the splits on the stairs. And now my big toe is swollen and throbbing. I don't think that I broke it but I pulled or sprained something in there.

Sorry that my toes are ugly to began with but if you can looks past that... I know its hard but keep trying... You'll see that the toe on the right it bigger and bruising. And it hurts too! Luckily for me tomorrow is Mother's day so my husband has been waiting on me hand and foot.

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Pia said...

Oh, poor you! I hope all the illness stays away and that the toe heals fast. Previous experince tells me that toes are slow though... but if you rest it (and don't keep on kicking taekwondo like I did) I hope it heals faster! You need to have two good feet when you get here.

Like your nail polish! :)

Kisses from NYC