Saturday, May 30, 2009

DC Part 1

We arrived in Dc about 12:30pm we first made our way to our hotel the Morrison Clark Inn in DC. I thought it was beautiful. Very charming. I was very happy with it for the price we paid. They however were not ready for us so they kept our bags. We had some trouble booking our hop on hop off bus ticket so the lady at the front desk helped us and we walked over to purchase those. The first stop we made was Arlington Cementary and the JFK Enteral Flame Memorial. The rain started there. I had a umbrella but we still both ended up wet. Next we got on the bus and made our way to the Lincoln Memorial and the refelcting pond. I loved the Lincoln Memorial . That was my favorite thing with the White House in a close 2nd. Please not that the pictures on this post are out of order.

So today is my last day in NYC. I am not sure what were are doing but I don't have anything overally touristy planned, maybe another trip down to the promenade and lunch and dinner some where fun. I made my reservation for the taxi tomorrow, checked in for my flight and have packed most of my things. I am looking forward to being home to seeing my boy and my man. It has been a very fun trip seeing so many things but think the best part for me has been seeing them with Pia. We have had many laughs and lots of fun.

DC Part 2

So here is the 2nd part of my blog about DC. The first is coming today sometime.

We got dropped of by the Lincoln Memorial and wandered around here. I was hoping that we would happen upon the Vietnam Memorial but we walked downt the oppiste side and saw the Korean War memorial. Along the walk we saw the World War II memorial. We eventually made our way over to the Washington Monument. The picture with all the stars is from there. We had plans of eating and staying late to photograph the White House at night but after wandering for a long while looking for a resturant we were more near our hotel than the White house so we decided to turn in.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel mine was very nice but Pia's not so much. I really liked the hotel we stayed in it was like a bed and breakfast. Our first stop was the White house. And we were stopped at a cross walk nearby by many police. We stood there a while and then tons of police on motorcycle came then two black cars and more police. I took some pictures just in case. Someone else asked the an officer if it was the President. He said no it was the Vice President. So we got to see Mr. Biden's car.

We got on the tour bus and rode around for the majority of the 2 and 1/2 hour tour. We saw many things including Ford's Theater, Dupont Circle, the National Cathedral which is pictured below, Embassy Row, Georgetown and more. We ended at Union Station where we ate lunch caught the bus to the closest stop for our bus home.

The bus ride home was crazy!!!! The driver wore and ipod, talked on the phone, texted, speed, had road rage you name it. We were so glad to be off that bus.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 3

We took the day off today. Sleeping in late until 11 am. I made a dinner\lunch and after that we took a walk down to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. We watched the sun go down and talked. It was very nice and relaxing too. I took lots of pictures... which are below. Tomorrow we leave early for Washinton DC. I don't think I'll be able to blog from there but maybe at the hotel. We will see. If not I'll be back late on Friday so possibly on Saturday morning I'll blog. Night!

Day 2 with writing

I was really tired last night but here is my recap of Day 2 and some pictures that Pia took. You will have to excuse my worse than normal grammar because when I hit the spell check it marks everything wrong because I don't type it in Swedish.

The first part of the day Pia had dance class from 11-2. I walked up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex. I was not allowed to take any pictures. I got a fun headset to wear that the music changed as you walked up to each exhibit. I saw lots of clothes, guitars even Bruce Springsteen 's car. The things I liked most from the exhibit was the hand written song lyrics. They also had a great John Lennon exhibit from his time spent here in NYC.

After that I walked back down to Pia's class we walked over to Ground Zero since it was nearby. Not much to see honestly the have big tall fences up with boards all around. Lots of contruction going on. The we rode up to the to a Chevy's to eat lunch before we left on a 3 hour circle line tour on the Island of Manhattan. Lots of fun! But a little cold poor pia had dressed from warmer weather. We got to see the Statue of Liberty very close.

Then we made our way slowly over to the Top of the Rock. We wanted it to be dark when we got up there. It was so nice. Both Pia and I thought it was much better than Empire. No lines, nice staff plus you get to see Empire. I would reccomend Top of the Rock over Empire for sure.

Now on to those pictures that Pia took...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One more...

Day 2

Tonight I am so tired that I am only gonna post pictures....

Monday, May 25, 2009


So today we went to so many places... We started the day of Riding the subway to Times Square to pick up Pia's New York Pass. A fter that we walked over to the Empire State building and waited in line for a bit to get up to the observation level on the 86th floor. The view was vey nice Pia said that the last time she was here they could not see as well. We could see all the major landmarks including Lady Liberty.

Next we made our way to Madame Tussards where I think we had the most fun our whole day. I couldn't figure out how to turn the picture using Pia's computer so I can't post the picture I took today for Joe but he'll get the idea from the next one...

After that we took the subway up to Central Park and went to the Central Park Zoo and the Met. I would go into more detail but blogger is giving me grief so I am going to cut it short for right now...

I am here...

Hello from New York! Or rather Brooklyn Heights. I am sitting at Pia's apaartment right now. She is gettting ready and we will soon head out the door to start my first day of sightseeing.
My flight was uneventful other than an hour delay at Salt Lake. I saw Pia right away by the baggage claim area and we rode the Subway for awhile back to her apartment. I off loaded my baggage and we went down to a local resturant and had dinner. Then we took a walk down to the prominade and I saw the Manhattan Skyline.
We spent the rest of the night talking, laughing and planning our day. We will first head to time square and pick up Pia's city pass and then we will do as many things as we can down in that area. We are planning to start with the Empire State Building, Madame Tussaud's, Carnegie Hall Etc.
Best be going...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Next week is Kyler's last week at Pleasant Valley Preschool. I will of course be in New York on the last day. Kyler won't be moving on to Kindergarten just yet. He has one more year of preschool but because Pleasant Valley Preschool is closing down he will be going to a new school in town.

We are really sad to say goodbye to them but I know Kyler will do well in his new school because of these two ladies.

Some of my friends...

Here are some om friends that hang out in my yard. The one in the front is a newer addition. They are so used to us they rarely dart off. Unless that is that I am trying to take their picture then they are sure to run.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toe to Toe

Toe is healing up nicely. I have some newer bruising under the 2 and 3rd toes but overall doing well. I am not feeling much pain in it at all. Still walking a little funny. Should be all healed before NYC though. I am planning on starting to wash and pack for NYC this weekend. I also wanna get the house nice and clean so it won't be totally trashed when I get home. I figure if I start this weekend I won't have to rush myself.

Dan got home from Seattle Thursday night. I think he missed me because yesterday he called and asked me to go to lunch with him. It was sweet.

We are also thinking of cleaning the pool this weekend if it gets warm enough. Well I better get a move on while I am feeling so ambitious.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That look

My child took this picture yesterday. I wouldn't say that it my most favorite picture of me ever but I kinda like it none the less cause its just so me. My toe is doing well I am still walking funny on it but the swelling has gone down now it just a nice shade of purple. I should take a picture but I am feeling lazy right now.

Dan is out of town in Seattle so the last few days it just been me and the boy. We have been doing well. Tonight we are watching Myth Busters without daddy which is out of our norm. That's out show that we watch as a family.

Today I got my New York Pass in the mail. Still haven't figured out if we are going to DC or not. I am pretty sure we are just not sure if it will be for the day or two. I am getting pretty excited though :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Toe Update

The swelling has gone down some and its not hurting as bad. I am still can't really walk on all that well. Hopefully I don't look too gimpy at work tomorrow. I am going to wear a slipper and a regular shoe on the other foot.

I am sure I'll be stylin' as always :)