Saturday, August 29, 2009

Look what I found

Video from Dan sky diving back before we had Kyler.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I know... I know...

I haven't blogged! There really hasn't been much going on over here. I took Kyler to the park yesterday. We spent 3 hours there. The park has a water fountain feature and Kyler, Sam and Kaylah were all over it. Kyler hasn't ever been a fan of water spraying in his face so there was some forceful persuading on Kaylah's part.

But he had fun look at his ear to ear grin. Then we went to the dentist and Kyler fell asleep in the chair. Our dentist is so funny, he was in shock. I guess he has never had a patient fall asleep before. Kyler really seems to like going to the dentist. The hygienist is always telling me that she thinks he is going to a dentist when he grows up.

Then these are the Lego bad guys. Kyler is all about making collections these days. He is always asking me if I wanna see this collection or that collection etc. He still loves Lego's, pirates, transformers, Indiana Jones and all things yellow.

Feet Monster, Skeleton Girl, Little Green "Shorty" Monster, Scary Bad Guy and Firerox the Rock Monster.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation... Part 2

Headed over to Turtle Bay. We watched an animal show similar to the one we saw at Disney World but not as fancy. Still cute though. This is Kyler on the bench waiting for it to start, leaning against Dan.

We toured Turtle Bay which was fun. The crowd was light and the had fun exhibits We had a good times playing Kyler especially liked the aquarium.

They had a special exhibit at Turtle Bay by Nathan Sawaya called the Art of the Brick. All of the following were made out of Legos! The best part in Kyler's opinion. The T. Rex took a whole summer and is 80,000 Legos! Kyler's favorite was Yellow. (The yellow man)

Then we saw Sue. A cast mold of the most complete T.Rex skeleton ever found, this was my favorite part. It was so awesome to see the actual size of these enormous creatures.

After all that walking we ate lunch and Kyler and I toured the botanical gardens while Dan too a nap in the car.

Dan drove home we stopped at one last viewpoint to see Mt. Shasta and Castle Crag.The view of Shasta was better so that the one you get to see.

We had lots of fun! Next year I hope we get to go down to San Diego but if not I would love to camp at Whiskeytown Lake again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation...

Welp! Here they are the first half of the pictures I promised from the weekend. We started off by making our way the Water Works Park in Redding, Ca. We spent alot of time in the Kiddie Pool area and the Lazy Lagoon. Dan did all the water slides. We have fun but man this place has SO many rules. And the food was horrible!

Then we made our way to our camp, Oak Bottom Campground near Whiskeytown lake. Very nice! I hope to go back here again some day. I did however get sick that night. I think too much sun, not enough water, yucky Water Works food. This is Dan and I Kyler the next morning eating breakfast. I was feeling much better after sleeping and taking some Tylenol.

We decided to spend sometime looking at the nearby trails before heading off to Turtle Bay. This is me in front of the Crystal Creek falls. Next is my crazy husband climbing the falls. My son was yelling at him the whole time to get down and that he was gonna beat him when he got down.

Our shadows on the hike back.

Kyler hugging Sid "the Speedy Fast Electronic Lego" snake.

More tomorrow dear readers...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Goin' Campin'

Will post some pictures on Sunday or Monday.


Sunday, August 09, 2009


My kid knows how to relax in the sun. He has seen his dad enough I guess. Here he is reading a Lego magazine and drinking some pink Lemonade in the hammock.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mmmmm.... Cookies

Kyler and I made some Chocolate chip cookies today... Wanna see them?
Don't they look good?
Aren't you hungry now?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A year

Just a warning for my scrapbooking friends. This is going to be a very personal blog entry so you may want to skip it.

Today marks a year since my mothers passing. In so many ways it feels like it hasn't been a long time in other ways it feels like it has been forever. It feels like forever since I have seen her face, or heard her laugh or even heard her get mad. While there are lot of emotions that I feel today. I mostly feel mad. Mad that we don't have her here with us. Mad that the other day I saw a July birthstone Barbie that I would have bought her for her birthday. (We collected Barbie's together for most of my life) Mad that my child has been cheated and will never again get to play with my mom. Mad that Jay only got such a short time to be her husband. Mad that Danielle has to go through this pregnancy without her and that she wasn't here for when Rachelle had Faith.

I try to live my life in a way that would make her happy, would make her proud. But its a hard life to live without her in it. She is still the first person I think to call when something happens. Whether its a bad day at work or my child getting stunk by a bee.

About a week or more before she passed my mom sang me part of a song.
"They say that all good things must end someday
Autumn leaves must fall
But don't you know that it hurts me so
To say goodbye to you
Wish I didn't have to go
No, no, no, no"

I feel the same way too mom.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Lake

We went to Galesville today and took Alex boating. I hardly get to see him anymore since he is in HS and over at the coast. The day was so nice! The water was perfect, so refreshing! We spent a lot of time just swimming in the lake. Alex and Dan Wake boarded and Alex, Dan and Kyler rode the Ski-Bob. Kyler rode it with Dan it took some forcing by Alex to get Kyler on there but once he did he was fine. I didn't get a photo of that since I was driving. I am proud of him getting towed already and he is only 4. Here are my two favorite shots from the today Alex doing a back flip off the boat and Kyler chilling with his shades right before we were leaving.

My designs...

Here are my designs for Scrappy Jo's Creative Team. This month we got to use the Bo Bunny Calypso line. So fun and bright! I used all but a tiny few scraps of mine. Hope you enjoy :)