Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IShuffle love

So I worked out today... *applause* My friend Cynthia helped get me back on board. Although I woke up this morning tired and not wanting to get up and go. I dragged my sorry butt there anyway. So Cyndy thank you if you weren't there this morning believe me I wouldn't have been.

So besides my dear Cynthia my favorite thing about working out has to be my IShuffle. I think they are the best invention EVER!! Well it ranks close up there next to my Tivo. My shuffle is tiny and it hold 240 songs. It rocks! Kyler likes it too. We often share it he get one headphone and I get the other. I am thinking of doing a scrapbook page about the two of us sharing like that.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some more snow...

So who needs to travel for snow? Dan and I traveled two hours for snow and now its snowing here. I took Kyler out to run around in it. He seemed to have fun... He thought he was the king of the snowballs. This was one that I made and threw at him. He picked it back up and was chasing me with it.

I think his Elmo hat and gloves are so darn cute...

One Snowy Birthday

Hi there!

Well I am officially 27 years old now and as Leisa said "Holy Shit". I informed her that that wasn't nice to say when someone tells you how old
they are. She said if I am that old it makes her even older. That made me feel much better. No matter how old I get she will still be much older... hehe... I am just imaging her reading that. Anyway, I don't feel older at all. Ask me when I turn 30.

Dan took me and Kyler sledding for my birthday. We thought that Kyler wouldn't like it all that much. He surprised us both. We got up to Union Creek and played around for about an
hour. Then Kyler was getting grumpy so we went to lunch at Beckies. Which I normally love but the service was bad and I mean bad. Then we went back out to Union Creek and spent another hour up there till Kyler had enough and told us he wanted to go home.

My mommy made me dinner so we went over there and had another one of my fav's Chicken fried steak. The service was much better than Beckies. Love you mommy. So all and all it was an excellent birthday. I got lots of money gifts this year which I am going to use at the Croptime Retreat in May.

Here are some more pictures from sledding:

Saturday, January 06, 2007

So now what...

So I am going to try and use my blog more often and for something other than house updates. Our Christmas was a good one. For my big present Dan bought me a couch. He bought it for me after Thanksgiving. I got Dan flight lessons, he has always talked about getting his pilot license. I only got him 3 lessons so he can figure out if its something he is really interested. We got Kyler a sled. We plan on taking him up to Union Creek sometime here in January. Lets hope he likes it. Last year he wasn't so big on the snow. When we had snow here in Grants Pass, he went out and walked around but as soon as his hand touched the cold wet snow he was done. Kyler got tons of nice stuff from everyone. He got a drum set from Grandma and Grandpa Edwards and Big monster truck from Grandma and a Spiderman doll from Grandpa. This year was so much more fun because he actually opened his own stuff. He did however get overwhelmed after a while and decide he longer wanted to open anything else so about halfway thru at my mom's I had to open the rest. We also got him a car bed. I wasn't quite ready for him to transition for the crib to the bed but Kyler was so excited we let him that night and he hasn't slept in the crib since. Potty training is a whole other issue. He doesn't seem into it at all. Still loving the new house. I can't wait for spring so we can landscape and have the deck built.