Sunday, September 03, 2006

Doors, Siding, a Roof Oh My!

Its been a while since I posted about the house. In someways we have come a long way and it others we have an even longer way to go. The outside is looking great we got Dan's fancy beam in the front, the nice door we picked out a while a go. The siding is mostly done. All the windows are in except one because thats the window they are going to bring things in a out of. The inside on the other had is still pretty raw. Dan finished up his part of the wiring which took longer than he thought. The electrian took like 2 to 3 weeks to do his part. The plumber is not completely done which was not his fault. We had some issues with the shower in the master bath. Because the designer just puller the wall sizes out of the top of his head the shower was going to have to be a custome size and cost over twice as much we finally decide to take out the walls coupletely and go with a standard corner shower. After all this the finished up the week by putting up the insulation so hopefull we are on our way to drywall. Drywall is suppose to be the half way point to having a complete house.