Friday, November 23, 2007


One massive family (not everyone either.) One Thanksgiving day and one camera priceless. From Left to Right. Michelle (sister), me, Jay(Step Dad) , Sheryl(Ryan's Girlfriend and Kirra's mom), Alex (nephew), Kirra(great Niece), Ryan(nephew), Mike(brother), Maci(Neice), Judi(sister), Dad, Kyler, Mom, Cody(nephew), Danielle(Neice/Little Sister) and Gloria (Aunt). It was the BEST Thanksgiving ever. I am so glad that we all got a long and were together. It feels great that we gave my mom a wonderful day with all her kids.

And here is just us kids and Mom and Dad.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Halloween

Just a quick note on Halloween. We went down town again this year. Its a great thing that the merchants do that every year. Its so nice to go out trick or treating when the sun is up. Then we went back to the Silvercreek house and hung out. This year Jonas had a 28 days later theme going on. Zombies and what not. We ate some pizza and went around the block there Trick or Treating. Kyler only got really scared one at the neighbor across the street's house. Other than that he did great! He said Frick or Freat or Happy Halloween to everyone and we made sure we thank everyone. Overall, it was a great Halloween and we had a blast!