Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Where oh where has Mary gone...

I have been a busy bee, I have had a steady flow of photography jobs and was working full time for the first part of November. One of the photography jobs was from Make a Wish see the link here... then I have had a few senior picture sessions, a few family sessions and I think that is all.

I have also been busy working on scrapbook stuff to sell at a local bazaar...

Dan and I have also been busy with the scrapbook room. We have finished putting all the seams and screw heads and primer-ed the walls, the next step is to texture the walls which I think we will be doing this weekend. Then we have painting the walls, lighting, flooring and trim. Then of course the moving in...

And Kyler he is doing great... he is learning to read which is really exciting and he enjoys listening to me read every night. He has a Christmas program next week that's Hawaiian Christmas themed.

 Last week we got our Christmas decorations out....

Sunday, October 31, 2010


We won't at all talk about how much of a bad blogger I am or that the pictures I am about to post are already on facebook. Not at all! 

So here is my handsome boy helping me carve our one pumpkin this year. I love living out in our little patch of woods here but the one bad part is that no one ever trick or treats us. And I for some reason like handing out candy and decorating. But those pumpkins are lot of work for just use to enjoy. So this year we only got one and it was wonderful! I let Kyler pick out the design. 

He chose a shadow one.

With rats on the front a cat on the back.

Yesterday we went to the down town trick or treating with Kirra. Kyler dressed up as Ghostbuster this year and got lots of comments from parents. Some kids did know what he was but all of the parents did. I went as the Statue of Liberty I don't know that many people got the Ghostbuster's Statue of Liberty reference.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Kyler turned 6th in September and the presents just keep coming.
He celebrated with a Tom and Jerry Birthday party. The weather could not decide whether or not to cooperate so we had the party inside, it was tight quarters but I think everyone still had a good time.

Monday, September 20, 2010


A few of my LO's fro the last few weeks... Okay Months...

The next 5 things are made from the Pink Paislee Starlight paper on Scrappy Jo's

The next 3 Lo's were my project for August at Scrappy Jo's and the were made using the Oliver Paper Pack from Basic Grey.

These are all made from the featured paper pack at Scrappy Jo's this month Fancy Pant's Wishful Thinking Paper...

School Days

Last week Kyler started Kindergarten. He is his fathers son and never really expressed a lot of excitement over going but he seems to enjoy it none the less. He often tells me how much he enjoys recess.

I went to my first PTA meeting. I did pay for the membership after all. Its interesting but so of the meeting I wasn't quite picking up on.

Here are a few more pictures from his first day.

By the car at the end of the day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where I have been... Part 2

Last weekend we headed up to visit Dan's family in Aloha. Dan's grandpa and his Aunt Carol were there from Florida. I had never met Carol even though I have been part of the family for almost 10 years. So it was an exciting trip. 
We also went to the Oregon State Fair. I had never been to a state fair and it was quite a bit bigger than our fairs down here.Kyler would not go in to the Dinosaur exhibit with us so I went with the girls and Dan Sr. He did however ask to ride in the back of a monster truck. Go Figure!

We also got a few family shots while we were up there. Here is most of the family with the exception of Phyllis and myself. 

Dan, Dan Sr. Angie, Kirsten, Carol, Grandpa. In front Julia, Anna and Kyler.