Monday, December 11, 2006

Last house update

We are done!!! Yeah!! WooHoo!!! I am so happy and a bigger part of me is so relieved. Building a house sounds like such a fun prospect at the time but even when you are not doing it yourself there is a lot of work to do. So many things to decide on and its not like you can get whatever you want, well atleast we couldn't. We had price restraints. But I think overall things came out great. We started moving in on Nov. 18 and had Thanksgiving here on the 23rd. Do we know how to move or what? :) There are still lots of things left to do like the deck, finishing off the bonus room and tons of landscaping. We plan on having to do that ourselves or hire someone else. Anyway I hope thats enough for now. Just updating cause I was asked.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Doors, Siding, a Roof Oh My!

Its been a while since I posted about the house. In someways we have come a long way and it others we have an even longer way to go. The outside is looking great we got Dan's fancy beam in the front, the nice door we picked out a while a go. The siding is mostly done. All the windows are in except one because thats the window they are going to bring things in a out of. The inside on the other had is still pretty raw. Dan finished up his part of the wiring which took longer than he thought. The electrian took like 2 to 3 weeks to do his part. The plumber is not completely done which was not his fault. We had some issues with the shower in the master bath. Because the designer just puller the wall sizes out of the top of his head the shower was going to have to be a custome size and cost over twice as much we finally decide to take out the walls coupletely and go with a standard corner shower. After all this the finished up the week by putting up the insulation so hopefull we are on our way to drywall. Drywall is suppose to be the half way point to having a complete house.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Holy House Batman

They were doing stuff so fast that I couldn't keep up with all the changes this picture actually is out dated considering most of the house siding is on now. All the the windows are in except for the one on the left in the front they won't put that in till the sheet rock is all in. It is coming along quickly now things should slow down a bit. We picked out the fireplace and the cabinets. For the fireplace we got the Spectra Lennox its really nice!! And we got alder cabinets with a light reddish stain also super nice!

Here is Kyler checking out the plans. I loves this picture he really looks like he is talking about the plans and the house. He loves it out there. He is always rolling around in the dirt making what has been named dirt angels.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Lots of Walls

Well once again they have done a whole bunch of work on the house all in one week. On Saturday the house had some of the bottom floor exterior walls up. Here is my dad, Dan and Kyler standing by what is the will be the front door. But then I went out yesterday and we have a second floor and lots lots more walls. most of the interior walls were in and Dad said he saw the people for the truses out there. So maybe soon well have the roof to match our walls. It really exciting now cause when you walk around you know what room you are in what the view will be from that room its just really cool. The view in the master bedroom is awesome!! Well here is a veiw from the outside yesterday. On a topic unrealted to the house I will be going back to work at Child Welfare here soon. They called me the other day and I going to be working part time as soon as they get my background check back. It pretty happy! Kyler will be going to my moms during the time I will be working.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What a mess!

Hi there family and friends! Kyler and I took a little drive out to the house yesterday. No one was there working but it looked like they had been out there working pretty hard. The plumbing and heating was put in. The floor is in and it looks like they are working on framing the walls. So fun. We picked a nice tan color for the house. Dan and I were both drawn to greys but didn't feel like that would fit with the woods backdrop. We went with white for the trim color. We also got to pick out the windows, the garage door, the front door and the roof color. I can't wait to pick out some of the interior stuff.

At the Adele house we had granite countertops put in to hopefully compete with some of the newer houses in the area. It looks really nice and I like the clean up . We had one of those under mount sinks put it so you can just brush the crumbs right in to the sink. We haven't had a whole lot of interest and we have been told by a couple of different people that the market is softening a bit.

We had an okay 4th, Kyler got a little sick. I think from the heat. We went to the Silvercreek BBQ and had some good food but had to leave early when Kyler started not feeling well.
Anyway I am off to go clean.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

House update

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So I will try and catch you up on the house.
They have made a lot of progress. This is Kyler
on the 13th of June checking the foundation out making sure it
can at least support the weight of a 20 month old. It can!

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June 20th - We have walls! Well sorta this is the walls that the first floor will sit on.

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June 22 - This is the garage slab. Look how shiny and new it looks.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I command you to dig me a hole

I went out to the property on Monday and they have started serious work on it. I knew they were suppose to start that day but I didn't expect to see that much when I went out. They knocked down a shed that was where our front yard will be.

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They cut down the 5 trees that were in the middle of our house. Then they started cutting the pad for the foundation. It was way exciting!!

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On the drive home I was asking Dan who is rarely excited if he was and his response was makes me feel kinda powerful. I was like what? and he said I have people now to do things for me, like I command you to dig me a hole and they do!