Thursday, July 06, 2006

What a mess!

Hi there family and friends! Kyler and I took a little drive out to the house yesterday. No one was there working but it looked like they had been out there working pretty hard. The plumbing and heating was put in. The floor is in and it looks like they are working on framing the walls. So fun. We picked a nice tan color for the house. Dan and I were both drawn to greys but didn't feel like that would fit with the woods backdrop. We went with white for the trim color. We also got to pick out the windows, the garage door, the front door and the roof color. I can't wait to pick out some of the interior stuff.

At the Adele house we had granite countertops put in to hopefully compete with some of the newer houses in the area. It looks really nice and I like the clean up . We had one of those under mount sinks put it so you can just brush the crumbs right in to the sink. We haven't had a whole lot of interest and we have been told by a couple of different people that the market is softening a bit.

We had an okay 4th, Kyler got a little sick. I think from the heat. We went to the Silvercreek BBQ and had some good food but had to leave early when Kyler started not feeling well.
Anyway I am off to go clean.

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