Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween

We went trick or treating downtown, like have for the last two years. This year we met up with Laura, Tina and Katelyn. It was crazy crowded and we didn't get our early start. The kids didn't mind. Kyler was having lots of fun but clinged to me not out of fear but because he didn't want to get drizzled on and he thought my witches hat could be like an umbrella.

We then went by a free bounce house that we could pass up so Kyler played in there for quite a while. We trick or treated Jay Jay or course! And then ate some dinner. Then we did one block of night time trick or treating by daddy's office. At the office Rico's scared the daylights out Kyler so I had some to do some convincing to go to any houses that had decorations. Maybe he won't get scared next year. 

Not sure yet what we will be dressing as next year...


Hope you are having a Happy Halloween with lots of Candy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Kyler and I carved our pumpkins today. I helped Kyler quite a it on his. But, he did some of the cleaning, picked out the design, traced it on and carved with assistance a portion of his pumpkin. I however had no help from him on mine.

 This is Kyler's
 This is mine.
We are having a competition at work so I wanted mine to be very challenging and fancy. Here's hoping I win. There are 3 categories Scariest, Most Creative and Most Challenging. Kyler told me I will win for scariest and a Dan says for most Challenging. What do you all think? Do I even have a chance.

Took the kids to the graveyard...

Say what?!? But we went for a purpose. Every year I read that the Josephine Historical Society does a Graveyard tour with living history players. And every year I thought I wonder if that is cool or lame. Well guess what it was cool. They had 10 stations all over the cemetery with actors dressed in historical clothing. Each person was someone who made an impact on Josephine county or Grants Pass. They would tell us a story for about 5-7 minutes and then a bell would ring and we would move on to the next station. I would like to tell you that the kids loved it and listened intently to each story but they didn't. Kyler did the best then Katelyn and poor Emilie couldn't sit still. Kyler's favorite story was that of  Elijah Davidson and how he discovered the Oregon Caves.

Here are a few of the other actors. It was hard to get decent pictures with them talking and the hard sunlight.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping up with the Edwards'

Trying to keep up with the craziness that is our life sometimes. We haven't done that much but then again we haven't slacked that much either. I am not feeling all that typie tonight so I'll leave you with mostly pictures from the last week-week and a half.

Two bucks outside the front of our house decided to test out their new points.

We went to a harvest festival at a local school. Kyler had a blast in the bouncy house and Dragon obstacle course. He also played some fun carnival games and got a few prizes. He told me that it was the best day ever. I am not sure why we every spent all the money to take him to Disney world. Every place is the best place ever. ;)

Then on Monday Kyler and I went with his preschool to the pumpkin patch.

On the search for the perfect one.

We found it!

Kyler and Mommy

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Scrappy Jo's

Some where between all this illness I did not get around to posting my projects for Scrappy Jo's for October. This month I got to work with the fun line by Moxxie called Queen of the Crop. We also got to try a product called Grafix Rub-Onz which allows you to make your own rub-ons using your printer. While I made a few mistakes I absolutely love the outcome. It helped me to make a copy of Ali Edwards autograph, which I added to my layout about meeting her. That way if something happens to the book she signed I have another copy. Scrappy Jo's has both products for sale here. I also have one other project in the works tht I am not going to post here since its a gift for my sister in law Leisa, who occasionally makes her way to the blog.


 Kyler after his visit to the doctor.
Its just a bad case of the flu is the out come from the doctor. But its the most sick I have ever seen him before. He has been trying to be so good about not getting us sick.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This boy

This boy is so sick right now. We are going to the doctor at 2:00. He start coughing on Sunday night I noticed and by the time I picked him up from school on Monday was hacking much worse. Now he has a fever and got sick to his stomach this morning... My poor little guy.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Sorry I am have been MIA lately. I have been working lots lately and not much has really been going on. That SSA job still hasn't happened. They reconfigured the space that I sit in at work and I and the rest of support staff ended up with less space. I have been meaning to take my camera to work so I can take a picture.

On the home front Dan has been investing a lot of time and effort into the rental which we still haven't rented. Kyler is still legoing out. This picture is of his jail that he made of the Lego space police bad guy. Not much else really going on other than that.