Sunday, October 25, 2009


Kyler and I carved our pumpkins today. I helped Kyler quite a it on his. But, he did some of the cleaning, picked out the design, traced it on and carved with assistance a portion of his pumpkin. I however had no help from him on mine.

 This is Kyler's
 This is mine.
We are having a competition at work so I wanted mine to be very challenging and fancy. Here's hoping I win. There are 3 categories Scariest, Most Creative and Most Challenging. Kyler told me I will win for scariest and a Dan says for most Challenging. What do you all think? Do I even have a chance.


Darci said...

You sure do, I think those are great! Now come over and carve mine!

lkeener said...

Such great pumpkins!!! I hope you won!