Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping up with the Edwards'

Trying to keep up with the craziness that is our life sometimes. We haven't done that much but then again we haven't slacked that much either. I am not feeling all that typie tonight so I'll leave you with mostly pictures from the last week-week and a half.

Two bucks outside the front of our house decided to test out their new points.

We went to a harvest festival at a local school. Kyler had a blast in the bouncy house and Dragon obstacle course. He also played some fun carnival games and got a few prizes. He told me that it was the best day ever. I am not sure why we every spent all the money to take him to Disney world. Every place is the best place ever. ;)

Then on Monday Kyler and I went with his preschool to the pumpkin patch.

On the search for the perfect one.

We found it!

Kyler and Mommy


Pia said...

I've been waiting for an update from you, Mary!

I love the pumpkin pictures. The one with all the pumpkins and Kyler's back to the camera is really nice! And the one where he found the perfect pumpkin. :)

And you look really good in the pic of both of you.

I'd like to go to a pumpkin farm too! I've never seen one. Looks like fun! :)

Hope everything is great with you!
Love, Pia

Audrey said...

Great photos, I especially love the one of your son holding the pumpkin, so cute!

Darci said...

Great pics! Wish we could have gone to that harvest festival, Davey would have loved that slide.