Sunday, October 25, 2009

Took the kids to the graveyard...

Say what?!? But we went for a purpose. Every year I read that the Josephine Historical Society does a Graveyard tour with living history players. And every year I thought I wonder if that is cool or lame. Well guess what it was cool. They had 10 stations all over the cemetery with actors dressed in historical clothing. Each person was someone who made an impact on Josephine county or Grants Pass. They would tell us a story for about 5-7 minutes and then a bell would ring and we would move on to the next station. I would like to tell you that the kids loved it and listened intently to each story but they didn't. Kyler did the best then Katelyn and poor Emilie couldn't sit still. Kyler's favorite story was that of  Elijah Davidson and how he discovered the Oregon Caves.

Here are a few of the other actors. It was hard to get decent pictures with them talking and the hard sunlight.

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