Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Guitar Hero

Tonight while Dan was playing Guitar Hero this was the show I was paying attention to. He was singing I wanna rock and roll all night and party everyday.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


10 things I am thankful for today:

1. That my jury duty was short and I got sent back to work after 2 hours rather than 8.
2. For little guy and the laughs he provides me with everyday.
3. For everyday I have with my mom.
4. For my niece Maci and nephew Alex who called tonight to wish my a Happy Belated Birthday. Maci's birthday is at the end of the month so we discussed what wrapping paper I was using to wrap her present. She informed that if I ran out there was a store by her house that had lots of wrapping paper. Only problem is she live 3 hours away.
5. For my husband who almost always takes out the trash. Except for tonight cause he is feeling a little sick.
6. For the huge flashlight that my father in-law bought my husband. It makes the few times I have to take the trash out in the dark a better experience.
7. For chicken fried steak.
8. For quiet nights spent at home.
9. For hugs and kisses.
10. For my life and everything in it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So I am 28 now. My birthday was pretty low key this year lunch with Dawn, Kathie, Jamie and Rachel (girls from work) at Blue Stone. Went over to mom's and had Matsukaze for dinner. Yum! Yum! Dan and Kyler (mostly Dan) made me a cute cake. Didn't get a picture of it this year. Mom and Jay got me a really cool scrapbooking hobby cabinet from Fred Meyers and Dan got me another one to match. We haven't gotten them together yet. I'll take a picture when they are. Kyler got me a girl pirate toy. (He picked out all on his own can you tell) Dad got me a gift certificate to the Brewery and my in-laws got me a gift card to Michaels. It was a loot filled birthday :)

I have been working on the Disney scrapbook. I am going for a nice but simple and clean look. I don't wanna go to over the top as I might not be able to keep it going. I like the pages so far.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Snow Days

Its been snowing off and on here like crazy. I left this morning for work and almost didn't make it down the driveway. Lucky for me the driveway was the worst of it. I am sure I ticked other drivers off by taking it slow. It took my twice as long to get in as normal.

When I picked Kyler up from mom's she told me he had been dying to play in the snow all day so i brought him home and decked him out in his new snow stuff and let him run wild. This picture is real similar to last year around this time . Its crazy to see how much he has grown in just a year. We had so much fun, he loves just falling over in the snow. And loved chasing me around with snow balls.

Right now Kyler and Dan are outside playing in the snow again. I can hear Kyler squealing. I wonder who is getting who?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas and Beyond

We had a great Christmas. It started off at our house with a just me, Kyler and Dan. Kyler came down the stair to see his Transformer from Santa and his bike from Grandma and Grandpa Edwards and all the other wrapped presents. I tried to get the moment he saw it on camera. I think I got close. We opened our presents here and had a nice breakfast.Kyler (and Dan) bought me a beautiful ring with Kyler's birthstone in it. We went over to Medford to visit Dan's Grandma for a bit. Then we cam back over and spend the rest of the day with my family at my mom and Jay's. We got so many nice things. Thanks everyone!

Now on to the beyond. I woke up with a little sore throat but I thought maybe I was just dry from sleeping, I went to work anyway. I started running a Fever came home and just felt bad. This was the story for the next couple of days. Sore throat and fever up and down. By Sat. I was just dying. I went to the immediate care and lo' and behold I have strep throat. I am feeling much better now still a little soreness in the throat and not quite up to par energy wise. But much better! I am not contagious anymore.

We didn't do much last night just ate some super yummy Hunan Garden and watched a movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I liked! Dan was confused but still laughed at all the funny scenes. I went to sleep before 12 and Dan stayed up watching 40 year old virgin. That was our Holiday. Happy New Year! I wish you and your family the best year next year.