Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas and Beyond

We had a great Christmas. It started off at our house with a just me, Kyler and Dan. Kyler came down the stair to see his Transformer from Santa and his bike from Grandma and Grandpa Edwards and all the other wrapped presents. I tried to get the moment he saw it on camera. I think I got close. We opened our presents here and had a nice breakfast.Kyler (and Dan) bought me a beautiful ring with Kyler's birthstone in it. We went over to Medford to visit Dan's Grandma for a bit. Then we cam back over and spend the rest of the day with my family at my mom and Jay's. We got so many nice things. Thanks everyone!

Now on to the beyond. I woke up with a little sore throat but I thought maybe I was just dry from sleeping, I went to work anyway. I started running a Fever came home and just felt bad. This was the story for the next couple of days. Sore throat and fever up and down. By Sat. I was just dying. I went to the immediate care and lo' and behold I have strep throat. I am feeling much better now still a little soreness in the throat and not quite up to par energy wise. But much better! I am not contagious anymore.

We didn't do much last night just ate some super yummy Hunan Garden and watched a movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I liked! Dan was confused but still laughed at all the funny scenes. I went to sleep before 12 and Dan stayed up watching 40 year old virgin. That was our Holiday. Happy New Year! I wish you and your family the best year next year.


Addie said...

Happy New Year! I love the new look of your blog. Glad you are feeling better. And your tree is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

love the new look of your blog! great Christmas pics.

Erica said...

I like the new look Mary! Looks like you had a nice Christmas!