Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So I am 28 now. My birthday was pretty low key this year lunch with Dawn, Kathie, Jamie and Rachel (girls from work) at Blue Stone. Went over to mom's and had Matsukaze for dinner. Yum! Yum! Dan and Kyler (mostly Dan) made me a cute cake. Didn't get a picture of it this year. Mom and Jay got me a really cool scrapbooking hobby cabinet from Fred Meyers and Dan got me another one to match. We haven't gotten them together yet. I'll take a picture when they are. Kyler got me a girl pirate toy. (He picked out all on his own can you tell) Dad got me a gift certificate to the Brewery and my in-laws got me a gift card to Michaels. It was a loot filled birthday :)

I have been working on the Disney scrapbook. I am going for a nice but simple and clean look. I don't wanna go to over the top as I might not be able to keep it going. I like the pages so far.

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Carrie said...

Love the layouts Mary! Very nice, fun and clean!