Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well my computer hasn't been working so just a little backtracking here. The weekend of the 17th-19th we went up to Portland to visit the in laws. Took Some pictures of my nieces. Got a breathtaking one of Anna. I just love her eyes in the picture. Also got this one of Julia...
Two very pretty girls.

We went to OMSI had an alright time. It always sounds like more fun than it really is. But Kyler had a good time. Dan went snowboarding with his dad at Mt. Hood. He was up there the day that those climber got stuck up on the mountain overnight.

Then this last weekend Ryan, Sheryl, Kirra and Ricky came down to visit . Dan and the boys went Snowboarding again this time to Mt. Shasta. This time it was Dan that got stuck they got stuck on the way coming back on for about an hour on I-5. Took some pictures of Kirra. This was the best one because she moved but I still really like it cause she is smiling so much.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentines Day on the way

I worked on Dan's Valentine gift last night. Its a coupon book. Its way cute . I think its even better in real person than these pictures.
The coupons pull out from pockets I made by putting two pieces of cardstock together.
It was pretty easy to make and I think he will like it. Its hard to buy for a man that has everything. Here are some of the pages, coupons and the back.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just a little fun

So not a whole lot has really happened here lately. Yesterday I spent time with my girls Leann and Cynthia. Cyndy made us way yummy Chicken enchiladas. Very yummy indeed... Homemade salsa. It was shockingly easy.

While we were doing that Dan worked on getting the Quad up and running all day. He finally got it to run this morning. Kyler rather enjoyed his little ride. I was worried about him falling off.

Tuesday I have to work on Dan's Valentine Gift... Been slacking on that. Then Friday or Saturday I am heading up to Portland to visit the in laws :)