Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 posts one weekend :)

Here are a few scrapbooking Layouts I have made in recent time.


And here are my Scrappy Jo project for February. I got to work with the Basic Grey Sugar Rush line! Just Lovely paper. Bright and fun. 







We went up to visit my in-laws last weekend. Dan had injured his neck earlier in the week and was released from driving duty by his doctor.

We got the chance to finally exchange our Christmas gifts with them. Kyler got lots of Geotrax which he has spread all over my front room as I type. Dan and I got cash which we are saving for Legoland. We hope to make the trek down to Legoland in May or Sept.

Here is a picture of Kyler with his cousins Julia, Anna and Synthia.

Today is a beautiful day here in Southern Oregon. Dan and Kyler played outside for a while putting together a rocket that Grandpa gave Kyler. They also put up a tire swing.

I came out for a while and took Kyler's picture and watched the rocket launch. Sorry no pictures of the launch as it went way too fast. However if you want to see the rocket its hanging from a tree here, way up in the air, where I think it may be for awhile.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

You poor blog!

I know you have been neglected. Left all alone with no one to even update you. So sad! And I don't even know if I can say that it will change.

I have been massively busy at work and at home. I mean to blog but for one reason or another it doesn't happen. I even have a slew of pictures ready to blog with! 

Lets see just a few highlights. Ruthie at work gave me a crystal growing set for Kyler. We have made only one so far but it was fun watching his excitement. And it came with the cutest mini safety glasses.

We have been playing a lot of rock band lately. Kyler will only do the drums and he thinks he is pretty darn good at them. We only have the Beatles edition, but lucky we have been able to borrow versions from Jay who has a ton.

We went to Coos Bay last weekend for Maci's 7th birthday. The kids and some of the adults did some Cosmic Bowling. Maci seemed to have a great party but was a little sad the next day when we went to the beach. 
This trip to Coos Bay was so much fun and the day at the beach was beautiful. 



After the beach we went to a Pizza place down on a dock with a park across the street. The park had an old Merry-go-round which we liked a lot. I even let my brother push me around on it.