Thursday, July 29, 2010


I figure before I can add anything new to this blog I gotta finish up posting pictures from Legoland and San Diego. This Is all from the last full day of our trip. We spent it down in San Diego visiting two museums and a Diner's, Drive In's and Dives for Dinner.

We started the day with a trip around the Merry-go-round in Balboa Park. Kyler picked one of the non moving animals because he wanted to have a "cool" animal.

He was getting worn out by this day and wasn't enthusiastic about walking. We then headed over to the natural history museum to see some Dinosaur's. We weren't allowed to take a pictures in the Dinosaur area so I only have one of Kyler before standing next to a Baby Woolly Mammoth. We saw a 3-D movie Dinosaur's Alive!

They also had a fabulous Gems and Minerals section. Kyler and Dan quickly went through the Gem section. I however loved looking at all the sparkly bling. My favorite item was a 19 carat ring. They also had a Faberge type egg with a working model of the Merry-go-round Kyler went on first thing in the morning.

After eating some lunch we went to the Science museum. It reminded me a lot of OMSI in Portland.
This where we saw the too many Kyler's and the Hubble movie in the IMAX theater. Dan like the the Hubble movie but Kyler got bored and I thought it was going to be more cool Hubble pictures.

We then went to Crazee Burger. I did not partake on the Alligator Burger, but went with a Buffalo Burger. Dan went for the Croatian Burger which was the special that day. I of course liked mine while Dan said his was just okay. Mine is the non bit into burger.

We then drove down to the Marina to look at the Maritime museum that Dan thought he would like. We thought the boats and submarines there looked like a good time and decided to spent the next morning there.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water Park, Legoland and the beach (July 13th)

Yesterday was a packed day but I have few pictures because I chose to leave my camera in the car rather than worry about it in the bag.

The water park was honestly the most disappointing thing to me the whole trip. I expected more and we planned this trip around the water park. But Kyler really seemed to like it. They had 3 smaller kiddie slides that he went down at least 50 times.

We spent the morning at part of the afternoon there and then walked through the park on our way out. Did a few rides over again, stopped in the Bionicle building room and made some more Bionicles, and of course stopped by the BIG Store to buy even more Lego's. Kyler is officially out of spending cash.

We left the park around 4. Dan took us to Tamarack State Beach. We played there for about an hour and watched the surfers (Not something you see in Oregon).

We then came back to the hotel, cleaned up got some pizza (yummy.... a place called That Pizza Place.) Dan then took us to another beach so we could watch the sunset.

Legoland part deux (July 12th)

We went back to Legoland. We did a portion of the park on our first day here. We started the day off going through Lego Sealife again, as the park had not yet opened.Once we made it through the doors we saw our first Lego character. A pirate! Kyler was very excited.

The park was more crowded that day but not too bad.
We made our way through the rest of the park seeing two shows Racers in 4D and Journey to the Lost Temple (a musical and probably Dan's own personal Hell). The first day we saw Clutch Powers in 4D I think all of us agreed that it was the best out of the shows we saw.

We rode LOTS of rides and I have discovered that Kyler can be a brave boy sometimes, he seems to like roller-coasters and most rides. He only seems scared of dark rides or and a few high rides.

We walked around quite a bit and saw the rest of Mini Land which I have to say is amazing! The detail is just truly astonishing.


We left the park around dinner time and on the way out saw this **Yellow** Bionicle. A super fun day and we came back to the hotel with more Lego's.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

San Diego *Updated*

Yesterday we decided to take a break from Legoland and headed down to San Diego. We bought a 5 day pass to the museums at Balboa Park. I have never seen such beautiful museum buildings. The whole park is fantastically landscaped. In fact we must have seen about half a dozen wedding while we were there. We made it to the Museum of Man, San Diego Automotive Museum, San Diego Air and Space Museum and San Diego Model Railroad Museum.

This is Kyler dressing up as a Pharaoh at the Museum of Man. The museum had awesome Mummies and a very fun exhibit on board and card games.

This is a 1905 that Kyler got to sit and use the horn.
This is Dan's new dream car. It has a shower nozzle on the outside, a grill inside, an ironing board, sink, telephone and the list goes on and on. It's Louie Mattar’s Fabulous $75,000 Car.

Kyler at the Science Museum

For Dinner we ate at El Indio a pick from Diners, Drive-In's and Dives. I really liked my chimichanga it was delicious. Dan has the taquito plate featured on the show. He's only complaint was that everything was too crunchy. Kyler had a taquito and a yummy orange drink. We bought chips and salsa for snacking in the hotel room.

We finished up the night by going to Sunset Cliffs. Dan really seemed to enjoy this and thinks they are neato. We saw another wedding while we were there which brought the total up to 6 or 7.


We made it! The plan was that we would find something else to do with our half day but Kyler just couldn't wait anymore. So after a check in at the hotel and some yummy lunch at Rubio's (recommended by a friend) We headed that direction.

We went through Lego Sealife in no time flat. Then Kyler spent some cash at the Big Store and we started checking out the park.

We stayed to see an awesome fireworks show.

Dear Ma....

I know you are checking and I was going to post but I have two boys behind me asking when we are leaving. So I will take care of your picture/blog fix tonight.

 Love you!


Monday, July 05, 2010


Dan also took Kyler rafting for the first time that same weekend. This was before they left while Dan was getting the Tahiti ready. They went from Baker park to Lanthrop. I am told there isn't much in the way rapids.

Kyler seemed to enjoy himself very much. He was of course nervous about falling out of the boat and then after he was in he told Dan he was worried that they would sink. But Dan reassured him that they would be fine and then he talked non stop about Lego Atlantis.

This the take off from Baker Park. 

And this it the two of them coming in notice Kyler is now facing Dan. This made it easier to talk about Lego Atlantis.
And Lastly Kyler's thoughts on rafting.

Merlin Airport

A weekend or two ago we went down to the Merlin Airport. Every year they have a event where you can walk around looking at the airplanes. They also serve lunch in one the of the hangers. 

Kyler got a free plane model seen in the picture. We got there pretty late in the day so we didn't have much time to walk around but we did get lunch.