Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Legoland part deux (July 12th)

We went back to Legoland. We did a portion of the park on our first day here. We started the day off going through Lego Sealife again, as the park had not yet opened.Once we made it through the doors we saw our first Lego character. A pirate! Kyler was very excited.

The park was more crowded that day but not too bad.
We made our way through the rest of the park seeing two shows Racers in 4D and Journey to the Lost Temple (a musical and probably Dan's own personal Hell). The first day we saw Clutch Powers in 4D I think all of us agreed that it was the best out of the shows we saw.

We rode LOTS of rides and I have discovered that Kyler can be a brave boy sometimes, he seems to like roller-coasters and most rides. He only seems scared of dark rides or and a few high rides.

We walked around quite a bit and saw the rest of Mini Land which I have to say is amazing! The detail is just truly astonishing.


We left the park around dinner time and on the way out saw this **Yellow** Bionicle. A super fun day and we came back to the hotel with more Lego's.

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