Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween

We went trick or treating downtown, like have for the last two years. This year we met up with Laura, Tina and Katelyn. It was crazy crowded and we didn't get our early start. The kids didn't mind. Kyler was having lots of fun but clinged to me not out of fear but because he didn't want to get drizzled on and he thought my witches hat could be like an umbrella.

We then went by a free bounce house that we could pass up so Kyler played in there for quite a while. We trick or treated Jay Jay or course! And then ate some dinner. Then we did one block of night time trick or treating by daddy's office. At the office Rico's scared the daylights out Kyler so I had some to do some convincing to go to any houses that had decorations. Maybe he won't get scared next year. 

Not sure yet what we will be dressing as next year...

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Pia said...

I love your halloween pics! Especially the ones in the entry before this one.. :) You both look very scary! :D