Friday, July 14, 2006

Lots of Walls

Well once again they have done a whole bunch of work on the house all in one week. On Saturday the house had some of the bottom floor exterior walls up. Here is my dad, Dan and Kyler standing by what is the will be the front door. But then I went out yesterday and we have a second floor and lots lots more walls. most of the interior walls were in and Dad said he saw the people for the truses out there. So maybe soon well have the roof to match our walls. It really exciting now cause when you walk around you know what room you are in what the view will be from that room its just really cool. The view in the master bedroom is awesome!! Well here is a veiw from the outside yesterday. On a topic unrealted to the house I will be going back to work at Child Welfare here soon. They called me the other day and I going to be working part time as soon as they get my background check back. It pretty happy! Kyler will be going to my moms during the time I will be working.

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