Sunday, October 31, 2010


We won't at all talk about how much of a bad blogger I am or that the pictures I am about to post are already on facebook. Not at all! 

So here is my handsome boy helping me carve our one pumpkin this year. I love living out in our little patch of woods here but the one bad part is that no one ever trick or treats us. And I for some reason like handing out candy and decorating. But those pumpkins are lot of work for just use to enjoy. So this year we only got one and it was wonderful! I let Kyler pick out the design. 

He chose a shadow one.

With rats on the front a cat on the back.

Yesterday we went to the down town trick or treating with Kirra. Kyler dressed up as Ghostbuster this year and got lots of comments from parents. Some kids did know what he was but all of the parents did. I went as the Statue of Liberty I don't know that many people got the Ghostbuster's Statue of Liberty reference.

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Anonymous said...

You're not a bad blogger, you're a good blogger who just doesn't blog often enough!!!!! By enough, I mean at least once every day!!!!
Ha ha,
Love ya,