Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Lake

We went to Galesville today and took Alex boating. I hardly get to see him anymore since he is in HS and over at the coast. The day was so nice! The water was perfect, so refreshing! We spent a lot of time just swimming in the lake. Alex and Dan Wake boarded and Alex, Dan and Kyler rode the Ski-Bob. Kyler rode it with Dan it took some forcing by Alex to get Kyler on there but once he did he was fine. I didn't get a photo of that since I was driving. I am proud of him getting towed already and he is only 4. Here are my two favorite shots from the today Alex doing a back flip off the boat and Kyler chilling with his shades right before we were leaving.


Pia said...

Looks so nice!
I really need to come visit you again. I wanna try the wake board! :D

Miss you!

Audrey said...

Awesome photos! :)