Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I know... I know...

I haven't blogged! There really hasn't been much going on over here. I took Kyler to the park yesterday. We spent 3 hours there. The park has a water fountain feature and Kyler, Sam and Kaylah were all over it. Kyler hasn't ever been a fan of water spraying in his face so there was some forceful persuading on Kaylah's part.

But he had fun look at his ear to ear grin. Then we went to the dentist and Kyler fell asleep in the chair. Our dentist is so funny, he was in shock. I guess he has never had a patient fall asleep before. Kyler really seems to like going to the dentist. The hygienist is always telling me that she thinks he is going to a dentist when he grows up.

Then these are the Lego bad guys. Kyler is all about making collections these days. He is always asking me if I wanna see this collection or that collection etc. He still loves Lego's, pirates, transformers, Indiana Jones and all things yellow.

Feet Monster, Skeleton Girl, Little Green "Shorty" Monster, Scary Bad Guy and Firerox the Rock Monster.


Audrey said...

I love the Lego monsters! My son is a Lego maniac, if I show him this photo he will have to go off and build some creatures too!

Darci said...

Great pictures! I think you blog plenty, there's almost always something new when I check in. :)

Pia said...

Hey Mary!

I love the legos and especially their names! :D

No one can be worse than that Chineese bus driver! He really scared me! :) This one was mostly annoying I think :)

Hope you'll get to go boating tomorrow!