Monday, August 17, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation... Part 2

Headed over to Turtle Bay. We watched an animal show similar to the one we saw at Disney World but not as fancy. Still cute though. This is Kyler on the bench waiting for it to start, leaning against Dan.

We toured Turtle Bay which was fun. The crowd was light and the had fun exhibits We had a good times playing Kyler especially liked the aquarium.

They had a special exhibit at Turtle Bay by Nathan Sawaya called the Art of the Brick. All of the following were made out of Legos! The best part in Kyler's opinion. The T. Rex took a whole summer and is 80,000 Legos! Kyler's favorite was Yellow. (The yellow man)

Then we saw Sue. A cast mold of the most complete T.Rex skeleton ever found, this was my favorite part. It was so awesome to see the actual size of these enormous creatures.

After all that walking we ate lunch and Kyler and I toured the botanical gardens while Dan too a nap in the car.

Dan drove home we stopped at one last viewpoint to see Mt. Shasta and Castle Crag.The view of Shasta was better so that the one you get to see.

We had lots of fun! Next year I hope we get to go down to San Diego but if not I would love to camp at Whiskeytown Lake again.


Pia said...

Looks like a great vacation, Mary!
Nice weather and lots of fun things to do. Great!

lkeener said...

OK. Kyler is officially the cutest kid EVER. At least until I get grandkids! Great pics,Mary - so glad you had fun!

Audrey said...

Fabulous photos as always!! I took my son to Turtle Bay for the first time ever in July, it's lots of fun!