Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation...

Welp! Here they are the first half of the pictures I promised from the weekend. We started off by making our way the Water Works Park in Redding, Ca. We spent alot of time in the Kiddie Pool area and the Lazy Lagoon. Dan did all the water slides. We have fun but man this place has SO many rules. And the food was horrible!

Then we made our way to our camp, Oak Bottom Campground near Whiskeytown lake. Very nice! I hope to go back here again some day. I did however get sick that night. I think too much sun, not enough water, yucky Water Works food. This is Dan and I Kyler the next morning eating breakfast. I was feeling much better after sleeping and taking some Tylenol.

We decided to spend sometime looking at the nearby trails before heading off to Turtle Bay. This is me in front of the Crystal Creek falls. Next is my crazy husband climbing the falls. My son was yelling at him the whole time to get down and that he was gonna beat him when he got down.

Our shadows on the hike back.

Kyler hugging Sid "the Speedy Fast Electronic Lego" snake.

More tomorrow dear readers...

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Pia said...

Great pics!
Looking forward to tomorrow... what a cliff hanger! :D

I love the one of you in front of the waterfall. It's really pretty. You look healthy and beautiful.

Did Kyler beat Dan up when he got back down? :)

Looks like a great camping trip!
Love ya!