Saturday, May 30, 2009

DC Part 1

We arrived in Dc about 12:30pm we first made our way to our hotel the Morrison Clark Inn in DC. I thought it was beautiful. Very charming. I was very happy with it for the price we paid. They however were not ready for us so they kept our bags. We had some trouble booking our hop on hop off bus ticket so the lady at the front desk helped us and we walked over to purchase those. The first stop we made was Arlington Cementary and the JFK Enteral Flame Memorial. The rain started there. I had a umbrella but we still both ended up wet. Next we got on the bus and made our way to the Lincoln Memorial and the refelcting pond. I loved the Lincoln Memorial . That was my favorite thing with the White House in a close 2nd. Please not that the pictures on this post are out of order.

So today is my last day in NYC. I am not sure what were are doing but I don't have anything overally touristy planned, maybe another trip down to the promenade and lunch and dinner some where fun. I made my reservation for the taxi tomorrow, checked in for my flight and have packed most of my things. I am looking forward to being home to seeing my boy and my man. It has been a very fun trip seeing so many things but think the best part for me has been seeing them with Pia. We have had many laughs and lots of fun.

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