Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2 with writing

I was really tired last night but here is my recap of Day 2 and some pictures that Pia took. You will have to excuse my worse than normal grammar because when I hit the spell check it marks everything wrong because I don't type it in Swedish.

The first part of the day Pia had dance class from 11-2. I walked up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex. I was not allowed to take any pictures. I got a fun headset to wear that the music changed as you walked up to each exhibit. I saw lots of clothes, guitars even Bruce Springsteen 's car. The things I liked most from the exhibit was the hand written song lyrics. They also had a great John Lennon exhibit from his time spent here in NYC.

After that I walked back down to Pia's class we walked over to Ground Zero since it was nearby. Not much to see honestly the have big tall fences up with boards all around. Lots of contruction going on. The we rode up to the to a Chevy's to eat lunch before we left on a 3 hour circle line tour on the Island of Manhattan. Lots of fun! But a little cold poor pia had dressed from warmer weather. We got to see the Statue of Liberty very close.

Then we made our way slowly over to the Top of the Rock. We wanted it to be dark when we got up there. It was so nice. Both Pia and I thought it was much better than Empire. No lines, nice staff plus you get to see Empire. I would reccomend Top of the Rock over Empire for sure.

Now on to those pictures that Pia took...

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