Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Santa baby

I know I said I would post this sooner. But I didn't! We went to Jacksonville to see Santa. I wasn't impressed while he was nice and all. He was way too skinny to be Santa. Kyler didn't seem to mind. He told Santa that he wanted a Yellow Transformer. Good thing that is what mommy bought. ;)

I am still sick but its getting better. I think I'll be all good for Florida. Well I hope. Life is well a little sucky right now to say the least but its not something I am going to go into on a blog. Just think good thoughts for my mom.

I got lots to do and really should go do it, but before that one more random thought. Dan and I were getting gifts for the gifts exchange last night. We saw a Spatula with a light on it. I am not sure what this is about. I have never been using a spatula and thought wow this spatula could really use a light. It would be so much better for flipping things if I had a light on it.

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