Sunday, December 09, 2007

Blizzard Beach

We went to Blizzard Beach today, one of the Disney water parks. We had SO much fun! There we no crowds at all. I think this is a wonderful time to come to Disney. It was literally more crowded at the Redding water slides when we went this summer. The weather is warm but not HOT.

Dan went on every ride I think. Kyler and I went on quite a few too. Kyler's favorite ride was the Cool Runners (mini water slides but bigger than the kiddie ones) in the preteen area he also really enjoyed hanging out in the Tikes Peak kid pool. My favorite ride was the Teamboat springs. This is a family ride where you all go down in a raft. Not sure what Dan liked most but he went on the Toboggan racers three times.

The park decorations were way cute! I really liked the whole Ski park melting away theme. the played Christmas music all day and had lots of Christmas decorations up.

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