Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Epcot Day 1

Okay so I got a little behind here . On the 10th and 11th we went to Epcot. I think I was more excited to go here than to the Mickey's Merry Christmas Party. I have never been to Epcot and have been to Disneyland so the Magical Kingdom is similar. We split Epcot into two days. The first day we went to the world showcase. We started at Mexico and worked our way around to Canada.

The Gran Fiesta ride in Mexico. These was the section that reminded me of its a small world.

Brumhilda and a scary viking. Just a note Dan didn't not put that hat on, his wife put it on his head. He is not responsible for himself looking like this. However, the child below is totally responsible for himself looking like that.

I wanted to include this one just for my mom. She loves dolls even though she told me the other day that she only likes the ones the kids gave to her. This store in China had a wall that was completely full of these beautiful Asian dolls.
Next up was Italy. We watched these street performers perform Romeo and Edna. They picked people from the audience to help it was too funny. The pagoda in Japan with drummers. They were extremely fast.

Kyler in Morrocco.
More street performers this time in France.
The whole family In England with Eyeore , Pooh and Tigger

Kyler with Papa Noel in Canada.

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Pia said...

Wow, it looks like you're having a great trip, Mary! :)