Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 5 Finishing up the Magic Kingdom

We got a lot of rides out of the way at the Mickey Party. We started the day off in Frontier Land. Going on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder we went over and Watched the Country bears show. I know its a classic but the songs were shocking. Not PC at all. Next we went over to Adventure Land, rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with Jack Sparrow. I was disappointed that some of the other cast members of the movie weren't included. Oh well. Then we went over to the Tiki room. I really liked this one. Kyler had just had a mini meltdown before about the steering wheels so he did not enjoy this one. After this we went to the steering wheels where Kyler was happy again. While waiting on the Jungle Cruise Ride we walked up the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. We finally made it on the Jungle Cruise. After this we made it over the Haunted Mansion(is this room actually stretching?) which Kyler surprisingly did pretty well on. We rode the Liberty Bell around Tom Sawyers Island, then headed on to Fantasy Land. We watched Mickey's PhilharMagic which I Mountain Railroad. I have pictures of Dan riding both rides but Dan wasn't able to get shots of me. thought was the best of all the 3-D shows/rides.

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