Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Day

Well I am stuck at home. Somewhere I picked up Strep Throat. Man! I am tired of being off from work for such crappy reason's. And to make things worse we had some snow yesterday which I couldn't go out and play in. I could only watch Kyler from the dining room.



We got quite a bit of snow out here but now most of it has melted away. I get to go back to work tomorrow for a day and then have Friday off for the holiday and then Saturday I have a wedding to shoot so hopefully I am on my A game photography wise.

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Pia said...

Hey Sweetie...

I hope you'll have a wonderful new years eve and that 2010 will bring you lots of fun, love and nice memories.

I know this year didn't end very well for you. Hang in there!

You're a wonderful person and good things will come!

Love you!