Saturday, January 16, 2010

You're 30!!!

That's right! I made it! I am officially in my 30's... How did this happen? I remember when I was a kid and grown up would ask what age was old. Guess what I would tell them... That's right 30. And now that I am here. I don't feel so old, I feel young. And with all that has happen to me the last 3 years I feel way to young to be handling such grown up things.

I am lucky to be surrounded by such caring people both at work and outside of it. I thought that this birthday would suck the most of all and it didn't. It was great and I felt love all around me. Oh and I got some awesome gifts too! I got a lovely bath basket from a secret admirer at work. Gary got me a snuggie.


Dan got me two gift cards. One for Old Navy and one for iTunes. And Jay got me a iTouch which rocks beyond belief. I love it so very very very did I say Very much? I had planed on take a 30 years old picture but didn't even touch my camera that day. Instead I have a goofy Kyler photo.

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