Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lots going on...

Not lots of time to sit and blog. On the 18th Kyler had another field trip this time to a local grocery store. They got to see all the different parts of the store. They also Got a great snack bag with gummies, grapes, half a banana and juice. But what Kyler liked the most was he got a cool hat from the meat cutter.

That weekend I shot at wedding for two of my dear friends from work.

Then we had Kyler's Thanksgiving Feast at School. They were dressed as Indians and the parents had to pick out Indian names for them. We went with Little Yellow Snake for Kyler. He was very proud of his Indian name and kept telling the other parents what it was.

So that brings you all sort up to date but thats not all. I'll post more soon.

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Audrey said...

Hi Mary! Happy Holidays! I always love looking at your photos - my favorite in this set is the one of your son in the paper hat, so cute! :)