Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kyler's Party

Today was Kyler's party. He will be 5 officially tomorrow. We had a Lego themed party of course because that's what he seems to be into these days.

Everything seemed to go well. Lots of people and lots and lots Lego's. I had lots of help since Leisa came down. She most of the balloon action since she does that for a living ;) We had cupcakes to avoid a cake-tastrophe like last year. We also played a super fun game this year, involving a clothesline, clothesline clips and fruit-roll ups.

Overall I was happy with the whole day. I felt like I didn't plan as last year so I didn't feel as prepared.

The fruit roll up game... The kids had to eat their fruit roll ups off the line without using their hands. There were a few cheaters but still pretty darn funny to watch. Then we did a round with the adults which I think judging by the laughing was funnier.

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Pia said...

Looks like a great party, Mary! :)

What happend with the cake last year? Cupcakes looks cute! And yummy! :)