Friday, September 18, 2009

Game On

Kyler and I have both been suffering with a cold this week. We did manage to go to oh so studly nephew's soccer game in GP. I talked with him before and asked him what side I should sit on Alex's team or the Grants Pass team. He said Grants Pass because they were gonna stomp them. Well we won and by we I mean Grants Pass. Sorry Alex. I did get to hug him after so I feel like the really winner. For most of the game Kyler was rooting for #5. Alex #10 mind you but since Kyler is turning 5 it was all about #5.

Speaking of funny Kyler stuff. He has figured out how to add Lego's to his cart on the website. I look in there today and he has about 1700 dollars worth of Lego's in his cart. Thank god he doesn't have my credit card number!

Kyler rooting for number 5. Go #5.

My dad watching the game.

Lastly this is a normal view in my car on the way to work. My town is beautiful.

1 comment:

Pia said...

It's Julias' shoes. :)

Your town IS beautiful. I wanna go back some day :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!