Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday Safari

On Sunday we went up to Wildlife Safari. I won a year membership at a silent auction at work. A dang good deal I might add. We had lots of fun! For the longest time Kyler was more pleased with the fact that I let him sit up in the front with me than all the animals. But hey its a whole new view from up there. We went around the driving loop, had a Rhea get a little fresh with us. Kyler and I didn't not approve of his freshness and made Dan drive away. The giraffe's were friendly but didn't not try to make it past 1st base so they were Kyler's favorite from the day. After the driving loop we stopped off at the picnic area laid out a blanket and ate some lunch. We did this to be cheap but I must say it was really nice to hang out and eat our PB and J's there. Then we took a walk on one of the hiking trails Kyler starting patting 30 seconds into the walk so we only did a small loop. Then we went to the Safari Village (the free part) and checked out the animals there, watched half of a show and went on our way home.

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