Tuesday, September 02, 2008

School House

Its that time again. And as much as I love him, I am glad that he is at school. He truly enjoys it. In the meantime I have been cleaning up the entryway. And backing up the photos on my computer. And watching Silk Stalkings Season Two over my shoulder while cleaning up the entryway. I know life is exciting!! Isn't it? People always ask me what I do with my time on Tuesdays when he is at school and this is it.

Last night I started Kyler's birthday invitations. They are in my opinion stinkin' cute. I'll have to post a picture later as I must get back to the entryway soon. His birthday is on a Sunday this year so we decided to buck the Saturday party thing and go for a Sunday party thing.

Anyway I hear the entry calling my name.....

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Jamie said...

OOHH He is so handsome. :D I hope he has a great day. :)