Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shower me baby

This is my friend. And my neighbor. And my coworker. This is Darci.We had her baby shower tonight. Lots of fun and good laughs. I have been very fortunate to have really great girlfriends. They make me LAUGH. Oh man do they make me laugh. And especially these 3 Darci, Sabrina and Jamie. Darci came into my life at a really awkward time. My mom was really progressing down the cancer road and I was really all over as a person up and down up and down. Never once did she treat me differently or complain that I was a mess. She could have thought "man this girl is a lot of work." And moved on but she stuck by me.

Then there's this one. Jamie. She is a crack up! She, I would call in the middle of the night to help me hide a body. I knew moments after meeting her that I liked her and she would always, always be my friend. She's always got my back and I've got hers.

Lastly this is Sabrina. She is the oldest out of our playgroup. The mature one. Hehe I can hardly get that out with out laughing. I forget that she has two teenage kids and graduate from high school when we were in grade school. She is just one cool momma and I am so happy to have been able to call her my friend.


Pia said...

Nice Swedish! It was correct. I got so confused. I was like "mary? but it's in Swedish.. is it another mary? no, it is my Mary!" haha, that was fun!

Thank you!
I'm proud of myself. It was a lot of hard work.

Great pics of your friends.

Love ya!

ps. I thought it was so funny to read about how you always tell Dan "I've been there". Haha! Poor man. But I know exactly how it is. After I got back the first time I realized just how many movies and tv series that take place in NY. It's everywhere! And you really need to say those words "I've been there!". Sometimes it feels like it was just another movie. :)

Hugs n kisses!

Darci said...

Awww, we love you too!! So happy to have you in my life - you are a wonderful friend and you are always there when we need you - to laugh or cry.

Jamie said...

I agree with Darci. :D Lova ya babe. :)