Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh Brother!

I know I know! I haven't been blogging. Sometimes its hard to think up what to say. Believe it or not I am just not all that exciting. The picture is Kyler doing his Oh Brother! face. He says that a lot these days along with Forget about it! We are not all that sure where he picked up these new sayings but they are part of our everyday life these days.

Dan and I spent sometime working on La Scrappy Room. It makes me so happy to make any kind of progress in there. I will be overjoyed when it is done and I can move in. I helped Darci set up some of her scrapbooking organizers she got for her birthday on Sunday. So look forward to being able to set up my space.

This weekend is Relay for Life. I'll be there most of Sat. and sometime on Sunday. Its my first time there and I hope that my mom would be happy that I am going. Dan is gonna come down and walk with me for at least and hour.

Welp! I am highly considering going upstairs to scrap a bit. If I am going to I better get amove on while I still can.

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