Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My kid and some friends

We had the mom's group over yesterday. I normally don't take pictures anymore since we have been together a long time. But here are two of Kyler with his friends. The first one is Kyler, Stephanie and Jordyn. The second is Kyler with Sam. I'd like to point out that in both pictures Kyler is holding Lego's. Its turning into an obsession like the color yellow.

On a Mary note, I am very excited to be possibly traveling to New York City to see my friend Pia. Pia and I have been pen pals since around 1998. She cam for a visit here to Grants Pass in 2005. This is us at the Oregon Caves.

We are still trying to figure out the details but I am hoping to go in the middle of May.

1 comment:

Pia said...

Yeaj! :D

I really hope you can come visit! :) Nice pic of us, btw... we look really happy!