Monday, April 06, 2009


Kyler keeps telling me that our house is boring. So today after work we found a craft in his National Geographic magazine to do. We made this Caterpillar from and egg carton.

I cut out the egg carton parts and Kyler painted most of the body. He did the antenna's or ears as he calls them and glued on the eyes.

I don't know if our house is still boring or not but we had fun for the time being. Its really warm here today I was sweatin' outside. The weather has been beautiful though.

We spent most of the weekend working again on the scrapbooking room. We have all of thewall insulation done. Dan finished hooking up the heating and cooling. The next time we work on it. We will be starting the ceiling insulation which might be a real pain.

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Pia said...

Hello Mary!

Beautiful Caterpillar! :)
Show some pics of your house too.

Really green grass... we still have lots of snow.

I want to write you a letter but there's so much going on right now... hopefully I'll have time soon!