Saturday, March 28, 2009

I blew out my flip-flop...

Well not really. But I always liked that line from Margaritaville. Kyler and I bought new flip flops in hope that maybe the sun would shine.

Kyler's are stinkin' cute. Mine are cute but not nearly as cute as his.

We spent yesterday and part of today with Mike, Leisa, Alex and Maci. We went to lunch and to Mini Golf yesterday. I got two holes in one! And of course we decided not keep score.

Today Leisa helped me pack up the scrap stuff in the big scrapbook room. Dan has been working on it lately. We went and bought insulation last weekend and have been slowly starting the process for installing it.

Well I just wanted share the cutest flip flops. I am off to go help Dan some more.

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