Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Here is my CKC wrap up.

On Thursday we picked up our tickets and went out to a really fancy dinner. My brother gave me, his wife and Darci his 100 dollar gift card for The Ringside Steak House in Portland. They had Valet parking there free of charge ,held the umbrella for us when we got out of the car. That's pretty fancy stuff to me. Leisa and Darci had steak, I had Prime Rib and for dinner we shared a Creme Brulee. Super Yummy! Darci says that its the best steak she has ever had.

On Friday, we all had the same Basic Grey Class. We did 4 LO's I liked it it was all using the newer papers but not the newest. The teacher was named Shelby and she was pretty entertaining. She had us leave the mats and title off our LO's so that we could use them for whatever we wanted in the future. I really liked how she taught the class.

Then Darci and I took 1 stamp 8 techniques. We didn't like this as much. They LO's are really cute but it wasn't really anything we didn't know all ready. And we didn't have enough time to finish the first LO. Let alone the next and the card.

After that we shopped for awhile. We managed to get in a hour in the morning before our first class. I spent mine a at the Dollar Scrapbooking. They had great stuff for a dollar.I spent 35 dollars there in less than a half an hour. It rocked! Lots and lots of chipboard letters for a $1.50 a piece.

Next, Darci and I had a Scenic Route boy class. Taught by Sarah Moline. We really liked this one. We made 6 really simple but cute LO's. Sarah's tip that both Darci and I liked is that she uses mostly black mats that she pre-cuts to 4x6, She can get 6 4x6 mats out of one sheet of cardstock and then she just trims the picture to fit the mat.

After this we had the crop. Which was great they gave us a good amount of stuff. Canon gave us a pack of photo paper and a Picture Me at One book. The only thing for me was that I was exhausted by this time and didn't get much done at all. I did win a scrap book basket from Transparent Touches.

The next day we had one more class. Scenic Route again. Really showed you how to use the scrap strip papers. Same teacher and it was a good value.

We shopped so more. I bought a clip it up. I am really excited about it. I had been thinking about it for a while. I got tons of embellishment from that dollar booth paper of course.

Oh and I forgot to mention that they have a Skinny cow booth. FREE. We had 3 or 4 those. Dan was super jealous of that part. He loves skinny cows.

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Pia Burman said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I know you love scrapping and it must be so much fun to go there!

What is skinny cow?

I need to write you a long letter of what I've been up to!
And about my future plans! ;)

Love ya!