Monday, February 09, 2009

Pictures from last weekend...Part Duex

Hi there, I am in a fantbaulous mood tonight. That's fantastic and fabulous all at the same time. I bought Kyler's suit for my niece Rachelle's wedding today. Its a size too big but it works and he.... wait for it.... looks fantbaulous in it 11.99 at Ross. He is going to be theri ring bearer. Pictures to be seen soon on this blog.

This weekend we spent Saturday with fantbaulous ( I just can't help it) friends the Nichols. They invited us to the Family Fun Center over in Medford. It was gorgeous weather over there and was lots of fun to be had. Sunday, the weather was yucky! We went to a birthday party for a boy at the Preschool. They played the funnest games there. The mom had a ton of outdoor games planned too. Here are pictures from the Family Fun center. Good night and have fantbaulous evening.

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Pia Burman said...

Hey there!
I just challenged you on my blog. You're supposed to open your pics folder, choose the 6th folder and the 6th pic in it. Publish it on your blog, write about it and challenge six friends.

Looks like you've got warm weather. We just hade snow storm a few days ago and in the last three days I think we must have gotten almost a meter snow. Our balcony now has o pile of snow taller than me. :D

Love ya!