Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pictures from last weekend...

Here are some pictures from last weekend in Coos Bay. We went up there to be with Maci on her 6th Birthday. We had lots of fun and I am so glad we were able to make it over. My older nephew Ryan (Maci's oldest brother) came over too with Sheryl his girlfriend and Kirra my great niece. We rarely get to see them so that was a nice treat too.

Here is Kirra she was born eaxctly 2 years after Kyler. They share the same birthday.

Maci and Ryan.

Maci she turned 6 years old the day before. She love Hannah Montana and was showing me some Hannah poses.
Alex My love. This brat is the child that made me wanted have a little boy. I miss seeing him more often.
Dan and I at the beach. It was nice but windy. We took Kyler's pirate kite and Maci's My little Pony Kite.
Maci and Kyler. He has a thing about looking at the camera. Dan says its becasue I already filled my quota of pictures.

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