Monday, May 26, 2008


I took Friday off from work so I could have a mini vacation in a way. Friday we went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I thought it was great. I know a lot of people are complaining about certain aspects of the film but I really thought it worked well with the other 3 films. Kyler went with us and he did amazingly well. I thought it might be too scary but just covered his eyes once, he thought the natives in the movie were scary but that was it.

Saturday and Sunday I watch Dan work on the Swimming pool wall. I of course did some house work.

Lastly, we went to the Boatnik carnival with Mike, Leisa, Alex, Alex's friend and Maci. We met up with Ryan, Sheryl and Kirra. We had so much fun. It was great for Kyler to have someone to ride with and the ride where he need an adult Alex graciously took him. Here are just a small few of all the pictures I took.


Carrie said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun!

JoyNJesus said...

HOw Fun! Good for you to take some time to enjoy and relax.